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Virtue Estate & Construction

Virtue Estate and Construction Limited is a Real Estate Development company that specializes in Architectural Designing, Alternative Energy Sourcing for Homes, General Goods Supplies, Building Consultancy, Landscaping, Road Construction, Import and Export.


Real Estate Development

  • We specialize in real estate investment, development and management through the provision of project and construction management services, managing land assets with a focus on build-to-suit Office Spaces, Residential Properties, Governmental Facilities and Industrial premises. We create innovative solutions that are designed to last, increase property values, and provide financial stability and growth for our investment partners and residents.

  • All of our projects are built on a solid foundation of sound land acquisition, innovative design, well-planned and strictly managed construction schedules that enhance and protect your investment for generations to come. In addition, our long-standing alliances with major banking institutions, government agencies, community organizations, key building trades, and subcontractors ensures that each project is delivered on-time and within budget.

General Goods Supplies / Import and Export

  • Virtue Construction carries out the business of trading, marketing, sales and distribution of general goods. Supplies, imports, exports, general contracts and merchandise. We deal in a variety of products through general importation, sales and procurement of goods and services.

Architectural Designing

  • We design and build everything from residential houses to high-rise edifices. The purpose is to create ultimate customer experience with clear processes, management and advanced use of digital applications.
    The success of building a perfect house is the combination of the right ingredients: accurate plans and drawings, skilled workforce, clearly defined processes, quality and work practice management and budget control just to name a few.

  • Virtue Construction has an extensive architecture and design experience and expertise. We create architectures that are extensible, maintainable, and adaptable to change and have the ability to interface with certain existing components, frameworks, class libraries, legacy, and third–party tools.

Building Consultancy

  • We specialize in providing professional building consultancy services. Our building consultants are experts in the field of property construction and stand ready to deliver fast and accurate results.
    Our building consultancy presents a breadth, depth and caliber of technical expertise that ranks among the best in the industry. The unrivaled combination of skills, resources and experience offered by our building consultants across every facet of the construction spectrum means we always meet project demands with knowledge, enthusiasm, commitment and vision. We deliver consistently to all our clients, and our success is measured by their satisfaction.


  • Virtue Construction has been a trusted partner of homeowners and businesses since its establishment. We provide professional services that are expertly designed, installed, and maintained to meet the needs of our clients. Our team is capable of managing every aspect of landscape construction and maintenance, for both commercial and residential properties.

  • Our complete landscaping services include ongoing landscaping maintenance and lawn care services as well as major installation projects for landscaping, hardscapes, outdoor lighting, irrigation systems, erosion control, and drainage systems. With these complete services, our landscaping professionals will ensure that your lawn and landscaping stays looking its best.

  • Competitively priced and always reliable, Virtue Construction has a fleet of trucks and a dedicated team of professionals to deliver the quality and experience you desire.

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